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What is Jack Jack’s?

The Jack Jack’s Brand has been designed and created with a range of fun and sentimental logos that will be suitable from your new-born right through to a nice family collection which best represents you as a family. The cheeky New-born range is great for anyone like myself who likes to put a comedy baby grows on their children and dress them up a little bit silly whilst you have the chance (because they can’t refuse to wear it). There is a beautiful range of outfits that can be personalised for that special little someone in your life. The cheeky and funny range really represents Jack as he is undoubtably the most smiley and chilled out baby you will come across. We will aim to add to the range on a regular basis as well as cover all those seasonal occasions you would expect. As a small family business, we will be looking to meet the needs of our customers and offer fantastic products for a great price.

The Story behind Jack Jack’s

Jack Jack’s has been created and inspired by my youngest son Jack who came into the world in October 2017. Before Jack came into our lives we were a happy family of four with myself, my husband and our 2 beautiful sons Alfie and Harvey thinking our lives were complete. However, a gift was sent to us when I found out I was pregnant with Jack, and then began all the wonderful surprises he would bring, when I didn’t even realise he was snuggled up in my tummy for 8 weeks. My pregnancy was straight forward and went quick. I was booked in for an elected c-sections after previous emergency c-sections with Alfie and Harvey… until Jack decided he just couldn’t wait to meet us. 2 weeks early he decided to press the eject button and wasn’t hanging around, after never completing a natural birth before due to complications I started getting contraction pains which within 5 minutes soon became a sensation which I had not experienced before but motherly instincts told me it could be pushing. I phoned my husband who was home in minutes to find me on the phone to the ambulance being told he was probably going to have to deliver our child. Luckily the paramedics arrived in time and within half an hour of my first pains Jack was born on my dining room floor. Which is how our tag line about the “Surprise Delivery Every time” was also born.

Jack Siddall, Creative Director at Jack Jack’s

I wanted to create this business inspired by Jack because instantly he has fitted into the family and as he was my gift and I wanted to return one to him, that one day he will realise that he had a brand created for him. As a busy mum of three boys and a husband that works an incredible number of hours, I wanted to demonstrate to my children that hard work, tenacity and no matter how many times you fall, you have got to be strong and get back up and keep moving forward. My oldest child changes his mind weekly about “what he wants to be when he’s older” but my message is to him is that he can achieve anything he wants to and to follow his passions and dreams.

We are also passionate to spread the message about buying from small independent companies. I often refer to the quote of “when you buy from a small business you are not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy gets his team shirt, a mum to put food on the table and a dad to pay a mortgage or college for their children in the future”


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